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Log Multi-blade Ripsaw

Two-axis, heavy-duty multi rip saws are available in cut different sizes log into lumber directly to maximise output of wood for every customer’s needs.

Product Details:

With completely closed, log multiple ripsaws becoming suitable for working as individual sawmills with manual loading, and as main saw machines into a fully automatic line. Thick frame and robust structure guarantee it’s stable in cutting. It is good at obtaining boards straightly from a big round log of various diameters, thus avoiding secondary cutting. The double spindle makes it easy to saw hardwood log diameter no more than 50cm.

All buttons are in one control panel Intuitive and clearly convenient for the operator to use.

Two-blade shafts are made of high-strength steel, all blades are made of carbide to cut both very hardwood and softwood.

The feed v-belt is composed of a series of toothed bars, allowing a constant and continuous feeding of the large log. It is driven by an electric inverter with a variable speed of 3m-10m per minute.

Siemens motors are optional.

Additional information

Log Diameter

80-200mm of SHYM200, 120-250mm of SHYM250, 150-300mm of SHYM300,200-350mm of SHYM350, 250-400mm of SHYM400, 300-450mm of SHYM450

Log Length

Min 60cm


22KW*2, 30KW*2, 37KW*2, 45KW*2, 55KW*2

Feed motor

1.5KW, 2.2KW

Blade Size



2000KG, 2500KG, 2800KG, 3200KG, 3500KG, 3800KG


2 Years Sawmill&Engine

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