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Multiple Horizontal Resaw

Modular multi-heads horizontal resaw configured from 1 to 6 saw heads but run in one track, the economical choice for medium and large wood processing factories. With the high-strength belt, wood squares come to cross multiple blades fast. Working width 30cm and thickness 26cm.

Product Details:

Horizontal resaw operate as Indepent mill to cut wood squares into planks by one pass Or operate as accessory one into a complete line with Portable sawmill, Massive horizontal sawmill. All saw heads run from one track, sawing big lumber into six slabs. If you plan to have new sawmill to produce board material or slats for furniture, flooring, wall panel, you may be interested in multi-head resaws.


Electronic touch screen setworks, all controls in one panel easy to use.

High-strength belts with a service life not inferior to steel belts, but cheaper a lot.

Energy efficient up to 6 boards sawd in one pass.

Optional return conveyor will bring lumber for a second mill.

Heavy duty track bed guarantee saw heads run reliable in cutting.

Please note resaw can’t cut roundlog, only available to sawed wood.


Additional information

Max working width


Max working thickness


Saw Wheel Diameter



15KW*6(6 heads)

Machine Length




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