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Founded in 1988 under the name Jiaoqiao Woodworking Machinery, PowerSawmill is the Chinese oldest manufacturer of single-person band sawmills.

PowerSawmill’s original product was the vertical band mill, which is simple table mill helping customer to cut logs, squares and plywood into materials for furniture. Tens of thousands of these mills were sold nation-wide.

“Robust, powerful and durable, that’s why they buy from Powerswmill,” says Co-Founder Mr  Liu. “Each our sawmill is created of quality steel by high-skilled workers with exquisite machining technologies. We are not cheapest but very reliable.”

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 Being mechanical engineers to start wood industry we found each saw machine that was of good quality was expensive and ones at a reasonable price wasn’t strong and reliable, how can we make it by win-win? After a long research and testing we realized through a process of innovative design, cost effective manufacturing and selling to the customer directly we could supply sawmills with the same quality and construction as much more expensive models but at a afford price.

What’s important point when  you decide to buy personal bandmill? It’s durable, economical and efficient, you want this sawmill going to work hard, not look good for years come, right? Some companies say they use industrial-grade coating which protects mill better, longer, but do you want to pay more 2x higher than spray paint in the beginning? through developing of paint technology that isn’t a problem no longer. The fact that many Powersawmill customers continue to use earlier-model is testament to the quality and durability of our portable sawmills

In 1988, PowerSawmill is Shandong-based, family owned and operated. Our mission for wood industry is manufacturing solid and dependable sawmills for small-medium forestry operators.

In 1993, PowerSawmill built a national sales network, product range has evolved from a single vertical band saw to industry band saw with log carriage MJ329/MJ3210/MJ3310/MJ3212, saw blade, twin circular ripsaws, chain saw, blade sharpener, built the whole process of manufacturing, sales and after-sell service.

In 1997, PowerSawmill introduced the first portable bandmill MJ700, this is a “personal” size bandmill with diesel power and GO trailer, running well from forest yard far away electricity. Over the years the MJ700 has grown with the merchandise  line, adding bi-directional chain log turner, hydraulic log clamp,hydraulic loading arm, and touch screen computer setworks as standard features.

With Bigger ones MJ1000,MJ1300,MJ1600 whether you are a hobby woodworker, have some big wood projects or want to earn some extra money, they are ideal mill machine for you!

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In 2001, PowerSawmill brought out the MJ2000/MJ2500, was designed to handle the giant logs found in older woodlots by 80HP Diesel power. With an equivalent Big-3 features –solid-welded four-post head, solid-welded log deck and solid-welded big-beam power core – that come standard on quality industrial mills, they are popular in Africa, Pacific island and Tropical rainforest.

In this period lots of band mills were sold to world-wind through traders, we started to consider setting up a Export company to expand sawmills market.

In 2008, PowerSawmill established a export company in charge of sawmills exporting, from then on we focus on world-wide market. then an increasing number of forest owners, hobby woodworkers and sawyers become aware of the advantages the mobile sawmill offers: on four wheels, it can travel wherever wood is processed; with diesel and gasoline power, it can whenever wood is processed. Whether tropical round logs, squares, beams or slats: different model sizes and price ranges satisfy any customer requirements. In same time PowerSawmill came out Carbide blade, which is specialized in milling very hardwood by fast cutting speed with sharp kerf and simple maintenance.

In 2010, PowerSawmill has the first agent from South Africa.

In 2016, PowerSawmill new factory get into production, including 3 individual work units and 1 showroom. Since the portable sawmill launch, PowerSawmill has continued designing and innovating a wide selection of forestry products including Hydraulic band mill, Twin vertical band saw, Multiple heads horizontal resaw, Double spindle edger and multirips, Wood wool machine, Wood shaving machine, Pallet dismantler, Crusher, Kilns.

From the sawmill owner to the timber factory, from the humidity of the Pacific Islands to scorch of Africa mainland, the PowerSawmill has proven its claim to extreme durability, versatility and portability.

In 2020, PowerSawmill’s been building sawmills for more than 30 years, holds 25 pattens in sawmills, tens of thousands sawmills are hard at work in over 60 countries worldwide that make it simpler and more efficient for your milling.

Why Buy Powersawmill


Engaged in woodworking machinery since 1988, a leading manufacturer of sawmills today.


Each sawmill must pass a check point sheet before leaving our factory to assure a quality product


Our 25+ patents and hard-working people like you make perfect sawmills with top-quality steel


Limited 2-year warranty to All standard mills. Warranty varies on commercially used products.

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