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Pallet Nailing Machine

The SHDJ1250 automatic nailing machine for wooden pallets is a highly efficient pallet production machine specially developed and designed for the production of standard pallets. Compared with the conventional production process, this machine can complete multiple processes at one time, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

Product Details:

Equipped with an automatic palletising device for the stacking process of pallets after production. The automatic palletiser is equipped with an automatic lifting device for the pallets. The number of pallets can be displayed on the display of the palletiser and can be stored in 2 or 4 pallets (customisable), with the number of pallets per stack adjustable. After the pallets have been nailed, they are automatically turned over onto the palletizing platform by the turning device and palletized neatly, thus achieving the effect of automatic palletizing and facilitating forklift transport; at the same time, as the pallets do not need to be stacked and rotated, but turned directly into the lifting platform, it not only reduces labour intensity but also reduces handling time and space, enabling significant savings in time and labour costs for manual palletizing after nailing.


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