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Massive Hydraulic Sawmill MJH1500E

MJH1500 an INDUSTRIAL-DUTY sawmill with complete hydraulics, for massive log up to 60″(150cm) in diameter, combines modern hydraulic automation technology with full digital intelligent control, English and Chinese operating systems, automatic log turning, easy-to-operation and precise sawing thickness improved timber usage.

Product Details:

Massive Cutting Throat

Cut massive log up to 60″ (150cm) diameter and 15′(4.5m) in length with the standard track, it’s the largest hydraulic cutting capacity to be the best value in the world.

Massive Solid-Welded Structure 

Made in China from high-quality steel, 4-post design and solid casting techniques to make the sawmill has a solid structure to afford to cut very big hardwood smoothly.

45KW Electric-Start Engine Or 60HP Diesel Generator provides sufficient power to mill massive log into lumbers, Squares

Full-Time Hydraulic Operation System.  The Key hydraulic log-handling system — hydraulic saw blade up/down, hydraulic turners, hydraulic log side-support, hydraulic log clamps-work full-time.

Hydraulic Log Turner with mechanical chains and solid turning blocks helps you easily turn logs in both directions for perfect positioning.

Touch screen computer-controlled cutting, a variable feed lets you cut different logs at different speeds

Board Automatic Back Hook brings board back to operator’s end for higher productivity.

Additional information

Log Diameter

60″ (150cm)

Log Length


Saw Wheel Diameter



45KW Electric motor

Power Option

Diesel 60HP

Sawhead Up/Down

2.2KW Electric motor

Sawhead Forward/Reverse

3KW Electric motor

Log turner

Hydraulics x2

Log Clamp

Hydraulics x1

Side Support

Hydraulics x4

Blade Size

125mm-150mm Width

Track Extension Length





2 Years Sawmill&Engine

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