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Heavy-Duty Stationary Sawmills

The Heavy-duty sawmill MJ2000&MJ2500 is designed to cut large logs up to 80″ and 100″(250cm) in diameter contains hardwood, tropical logs and softwood from Africa countries, Rainforest but Pacific island. Robust structure and easy to operation, the biggest mill features a massive throat for the saw head to move along a twin-rail track. the MJ2500 cuts huge logs up to 100″ and equipped a carbide blade 5″(125mm)to 6″(150mm) in width. Optional come with 80HP Diesel will work well in the forest land.

Product Details:

This is a Massive Wide Wood-Cut Series Mill with super capacity in-class, being a good helper to industry-level customers who have harvest wood too large to handle and manufacture table or bars. With the amazing wide capacity produce large logs into slabs for table, fireplaces, countertops and more, oddly shaped wood sawing like tree burls, stumps is available.  The mill MJ2000&MJ2500 come as standard with a variable speed feed run on the track, CNC controller and optional powerful 80HP engine. All these features will supply the strongest support when you opening up opportunities with bespoke projects such as office supplies for large corporations, wood material for furniture factories and re-saw sawmills.

Features | Heavy-Duty Stationary Sawmills

Massive Cutting Throat

Cut massive log up to 80″ (200cm, MJ2000) & 100″(250cm, MJ2500) in diameter and 33′(10m) in length with the standard track, it’s the largest cutting capacity to be the best value in the world, theoretically this series sawmills can cut any log you have.

Massive Solid-Welded Structure 

Made in China from high-quality steel, 4-post design and solid casting techniques to make the sawmill has a solid structure to afford to cut very big hardwood smoothly. Turned, rounded and chrome plated, the four stand-columns are smooth without any precise, together with the precision screw they ensure that the saw wheel is lifted smoothly and accurately.

Solid-welded Saw Wheel

The saw wheel is designed with a central wheel, which is wear-resistant and anti-corrosive, then corrected by a dynamic balancing system, make it run more steadily and longer, reducing the rate of the saw blade broken down.

CNC controller & variable speed feed

With Taiwan FATEK PLC  central touch screen panel, the circuit system is centralised in the control panel, realising the setwork of the saw board thickness digitally. The variable speed feed is adjustable from 1-20m/min.

Powerful Diesel or Electric sawmill

The sawmills come as standard with electric motor, MJ2000-45KW or MJ2500-55KW. With powerful and reliable diesel engines 80HP will run faster and higher-productive.

Spare Parts is Available 

Quality spare parts both sawmill and diesel engine make it run well in few years, SKF Bearing from Sweden.

Warranty and Customer Service

2 Years Warranty of both Sawmill and Motors. You will receive fast response to any question on Operation/Installation/Spare Parts.


Additional information

Log Diameter

80″ (200cm)- MJ2000 , 100"(250cm)- MJ2500

Log Length



45KW-MJ200, 55KW-MJ2500

Power Option

80HP Diesel Huafeng

Saw Wheel Diameter


Sawhead Forward/Reverse

variable speed feed switch

Sawhead Up/Down

CNC controller Touch screen Setworks

Sawed Thickness


Blade Size





2 Years Sawmill&Engine

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