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Wood Pallet Nailing Machine

A universal pneumatic nailing table for both EPAL&USA pallets, Pneumatico PT-1700 features an adjustable working top, pneumatic clamping of support elements (blocks or stringers), and pneumatic lift of the pallet towards the operator. Easy to use One operator can build 210-230 pallets within 8 hours.

Product Details:

Pneumatico PT-1700 is an adjustable, semiautomatic pallet nailing table for pallets of different sizes. Its ergonomic construction allows fast and easy adjustment of the pallet template size. Widths may vary 800-1700 mm and the table supports lengths up to a maximum of 1300 mm. Only one operator is required to produce 210-230 pallets during a single 8-hour work shift.
The operator uses multiple nail guns for different sizes of nails. Each of the nail guns is suspended on an overhead roller track for operator convenience. The roller track allows the nail guns to move freely along the rail mounting system overhead. The design of the table guarantees production efficiency as well as operator’s comfort.

Universal Adjustable worktop allows the production of:
Pallets on 2, 3, 4, or 5 stringers
Efficient Quickly switch to any size pallet
Pneumatic clamp Easily centers the blocks
Pneumatic lift Raises pallet to minimize operator lifting
Overhead roller track Nail guns can move freely during work
Bottom template Template to build pallet legs
Adjustable steel clinch plates Galvanized and hardened steel plates for clinching nails
Diagonal table adjustment reduces work by 50%
Only 2 Allen keys are required to adjust the table

Additional information

Wood Pallet Length


Wood Pallet Width


Operational Model

Pneumatic operation

Air Pressure


Production Capacity


Number of beams

3p (or customized)

Number of nail guns

1P (CN70) American Stanley staple gun



Machine Dimension


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