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Pallet Notcher Mill

The wood pallet notcher mill(the wood pallet slotting machine) is used for the longitudinal grooving of pallet boards, its main use is American-style wood pallets, a special requirement for the production of American-style wood pallets, according to its working principle, the slotting machine is divided into single slotting machine and double slotting machine, double slotting machine can simultaneously cut the same size of the slot in a board, slotting, smooth surface, no barbs, while the equipment is of high quality and high operating efficiency.

The wood pallet longitudinal grooving machine is a special process for American wood pallet processing. The grooved pallets can be forked from all four directions by forklift truck and have become a popular pallet type worldwide. The machine is available for different slotted sizes and can also be customized to suit customer requirements.

Product Details:


1- Adjustable grooving length, maximum grooving length is 370 mm.

2- The grooving blade is adjustable and the cutter can be easily replaced, making it highly cost-effective.

3- The head is made of alloy material, which has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, strength, toughness, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, thus ensuring its service life.

4- Continuous feeding, automatic discharge from the working platform, also double grooving at the same time, smooth grooving, standard size, high precision, and adjustable groove depth specifications.

5- Reliable safety protection devices ensure that workers cannot touch the blades during operation, providing high safety.


Additional information



Blade Material

Carbide Alloy

Produce capacity

1800pcs per hour

Max working length


Max working thickness


Max working width


Notch depth


Notch width


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