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SW26 Portable Band Sawmill

The SW26 Portable Band Sawmill is an entry-level sawmill with 9HP or 15HP gas engine, 26″(66cm) log diameter, 118″(3m) log length, quick-set everything for you when you decide to start sawing wood into lumber, Simple-Compact-Convenient response in milling work.

Product Details:

SW26 Ideal sawmill for whether you are wood hobbies, lumber company or seasoned sawyers, this’s personal-size mill can cut timber for the wooden house, building materials, furniture. The SW26 band mill logs 26″ (66cm) in diameter, sawing boards up to 23″ (60cm) in width and up to 118″ (3m) in length. In fact, optional rail track extensions for cutting longer are available with no limitation. The saw head using four-post design and strong steel structure to ensure the smooth and precise cuts, easy to moves up/down by a hand crank system. Powerful electric motor 5KW,7KW Or gas engine 9HP,15HP options for your choice. Simple-assemble bandsaw yourself and Save Much Money!

Features | SW26 Sawmill

Large Log Capacity

The SW26 can cut up to 26″ (66cm) in diameter and 118″(3m) in length with the standard track, with optional track extensions will saw longer lengths without any practical limited, it’s in large cutting capacity to be the best value in class.

Robust Mill Structure 

Made in China from high-quality steel, 4-post design and solid casting techniques to make the SW26 has a solid structure to afford cutting hardwood smoothly. Ten levelling feet for floor fixing sawing ensure that the milling machine remains stable for safe and accurate cutting.

Powerful Loncin Gas Engine

The powerful and reliable Loncin 9HP or 15HP gas engines with manual-start feature premium air filter to protect engine works as usual even in harsh and dirty sawing conditions. Electric motors are available when you operate in a place with stable electricity.

Quick-Set Log Works

Produced of solid-tube steel, the quick-set log clamp fastens wood tightly for cutting and can be adjustable up/down in sawing proceed. 3 quick-set side supports in the standard track will provide strong support between sawing and turning materials, allowing the final cut to be made within 1″ of the bed.

Fast Change Blade

SW26 sawhead cover was closed by 2 outside fasters when you want to change a blade, just open the cover, replace a new blade then tension the blade, that’s it! Nothing moves nothing extra parts.

Move GO trailer

With the SW26 GO trailer, you can move sawmill between places,  from home to work site, from storage to lumber yard, it’s a PORTABLE WORKABLE SAWMILL.

Warranty and Customer Service

2 Years Warranty of both SW26 sawmill and Motors. You will receive fast response to any question on Operation/Installation/Spare Parts.


Additional information

Log Diameter


Log Length



7.5KW Electrical Motor Or 9HP Manual Start Loncin Gas

Power Option

15HP Manual Start Or 13HP Diesel Electric-Start

Saw Wheel Diameter


Sawhead Forward/Reverse

Manual Push

Sawhead Up/Down

Hand Crank

Leveling Feet


Log Clamp


Side Support


Sawhead Design

4-Post Tech

Track Extension Length


Blade Size


GO Trailer&Support Package





2 Years Sawmill&Engine

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