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Hydraulic Portable Sawmill MJH1000

This is the professional hydraulic portable sawmill MJH1000 with complete hydraulic log loader, hydraulic rotation clamp, hydraulic side support, simpleset setworks & powered touch screen controls, optional diesel power, 40” log diameter, 13’ log standard length. All machines were approved from the CE certificate.

Product Details:

Designed for performance with fully-hydraulic log system, easy-to-operate saw head controls (forward/backward & up/down), and computer setworks, the MJH1000 hydraulic portable sawmill is the choice for sawyers who need a mill that will cut log with easy-handling. Comes standard with hydraulic log loading arms and hydraulic log turner, logs are fixed onto the trackbed by four side supports (all 4 hydraulically controlled) and a power hydraulic log clamp. Touch-screen Computer Setworks and hydraulic levers adjust the saw head height to prepare for milling. Once the cut is finished the saw head is raised and reversed by the powered saw head controls and positioned for the next cut. A water tank provides lubrication directly to the saw blade to improve cutting speed and keep the blade clean. The MJH1000 hydraulic machine is fully portable and mobile from place to place with a standard single axle trailer. Eight adjustable support-legs allow for quick set-up and simple levelling of the bed before sawing.


•Touch screen computer setworks

•Hydraulic log loading arms x1

•Hydraulic log clamping x1

•Hydraulic side-support x4

•Board automatic return hook

•Optional Diesel 22HP double cylinder

•Hydraulic log turner

•Portable trailer





Additional information

Log Diameter


Log Length


Saw Wheel Diameter




Power Option

Diesel 22HP Double Cylinder

Sawed Thickness


Sawhead Up/Down


Sawhead Forward/Reverse

variable speed feed switch

Log Clamp


Log turner


Side Support

Hydraulic 4xQuick-set

Mobile Trailer





2 Years Sawmill&Engine

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