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Wood Shaving Sawmill

The machine used for sawing lumber into wood shavings of uniform thickness automatically, wood shavings are used for a wide range of purposes, as raw material for making wood pulp paper in paper mills, as filling for transporting fragile goods in transport companies, as bedding in the nests of the small-scale pig, cattle, sheep and various animals, and also as bio-energy.

Product Details:

Efficient wood shaving machine including the frame, platform placed on the frame, knife frame fixed on the platform, power distribution box to provide electricity, wood pressing device and wood reciprocating motion device.

The wood pressing device is driven by a cylinder that presses the wood onto the platform and the reciprocating device is driven by a hydraulic cylinder that drives the wood loaded slide along with the platform and the shavings are shaved by the shaving knife.

Due to the cylinder pressing device and the hydraulic reciprocating motion device, the contact pressure between the wood and the shaving knife is uniform and the reciprocating motion of the wood is uniform in speed, so that thin shavings of uniform thickness can be processed.

There are two types of shavings machine for you to choose from A. Shafts and shaving knives Made in China, cheap offer but higher output. B. Spiral Shafts and shaving knives Made in Luxembourg, the shavings produced are specially used as bedding for Pet litters.


Additional information

Max working length


Max working width


Shaft quantity

2sets; 4sets; 6sets

Shaving blade quantity

84*2; 84*4; 84*6




10.5KW; 23.25KW; 30.75KW

Wood shaving depth


Produce capacity

350kg/hr; 700kg/hr; 1050kg/hr


950kg; 1800kg; 2200kg

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